Facts of the Fiction

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Its How You Say It.

Okay so I'm going to start this little line of pirate history with some vocabulary because as Mia and Devin learn quickly words have meanings. (There's a good amount of twists and deception abounding in this tale, So Avast, and chart a heading that will take you into deep waters.) Avast. Stop! Halt! Cease!                    (I know we all like to amuse ourselves with how cleverly we say things but I'm not at all sure we've come ... read more

Yo-Ho A Pirate’s Life For Me…. Or not.

Arrrg, How about a pirate fact? Okay, so while people mostly think piracy was a long lasting criminal activity (and in fact was/is considering it does still happen today) It really had ebbs and flows, most marked by a particularly notorious pirate such as Blackbeard (AKA Edward Teach (1716)) or Anne Bonny (left)with Calico Jack (AKA Jack Rackham (1720)). But for the most part high seas piracy like depicted by Hollywood died out almost completely by 1815. At least in western waters. It had about ... read more

What is a Historical Romance?

I've been asked, once or twice, “What's a historical romance?”  Quite simply, a historical romance is a romance story set in a specific time period (generally accepted as pre-1940). The setting of the story acts as a background, a silent character, adding a “feel” to the story. Making the conflicts and resolutions the characters find slightly more unique for the era in which they are playing out their dramas. The romance genre takes all the “good”, flowery and sparkling parts of the history and ... read more

Welcome to the Year 1490

For those who have read historical romances before the likelihood is high some mental picture of the time period already exists, thank you Hollywood. Often readers tend to stick with a specific time frame, say Regency or American Western. Readers do this for the very same reason writers do, because its what is well known to them. What the romance genre does is take all the “good”, flowery and sparkling parts of the history and intertwine this with characters who will eventually find a “happily ... read more

A Woman’s Work…

We all have these “ideas” about what it must have been like to be a lady living in a castle with a handsome lord. Or even what it would be like to be a knight defending a strategic fief for the king. Well not to bust any bubbles but… The management of any home in the late middle ages and early renaissance was a feat as complex and time consuming as the management of some of today’s small governments. And for the most part it ... read more

Fathers and their…

So I'm jumping to one conflict which may cause the reader to pause and question. The conflict involving our hero not inheriting may seem like an improbable one. Truth the law governing inheritance were fairly well set after the Norman invasion but, we all know that laws can be gone around and they are never simple. Where inheritance is concerned from about 1000 CE to about 1200 CE the only rule/law that was in place was that of Primogeniture, meaning the oldest (male) inherits. Any ... read more

Food For Thought

Alright, I know people eating “gruel”, what a cliché right, but it worked for the story line so I just made it happen. In reality though meals of this time period could be very elaborate or very disgusting depending… Around the 14th century (aka 1300’s for those who prefer to not do math) a slight shift in diets started to happen. Although what people ate then would most likely make most of us gag today meals and food were a very important and generally ceremonial ... read more

The Home is a Castle

I am fairly certain that most everyone will, when hearing the word ‘castle’, recall a mental picture of something from a Disney movie. People imagine large stone structure with tall tower and high walls, maybe a mote and a drawbridge that sits on a hill overlooking a pretty little town and farms. When the sun shines the castle sparkles and gleams in the light. The floors are made of marble which reflects the beautiful painted ceilings and the windows are filled with stained glass. Well, ... read more

Being a Clothes Horse Might Be a Crime

Being a clothes horse might be a crime. At least in the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Yes it is true the clothes police really existed in history. As far back as the Roman and Greek empires, laws and enforcement of laws concerning what people wore (and ate and did in their “free time”) were in place. So it seems there is nothing that man cannot create which it will not try to regulate. We could have all just stayed naked I suppose…. Or ... read more

Whips and Chains…

Hmmm: a “hero” who is a bit vindictive? Is that possible? Well in 1490 the man in charge of insuring discipline could indeed be both. Especially when you think how vital discipline could be in basic survival. In “The Debt” Farg is that man and admit it readers you really liked him… but alas, I have no plan to give him his own story… but plans could change. As for the methods for maintaining discipline in this period of history well the lash was just ... read more