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Just a little insight into the mind of a writer and what things writers wonder about when they aren’t having deep conversation with fictional characters. Some fun and some more serious, a hodge-podge of stuff.

Hi-Ho off to work I go… maybe… or more coffee…

Okay I AM A WRITER but I just can’t get it kicked started today with the fiction writing. I keep getting sucked in to research projects … and not any that have anything to do WITH fiction writing… freaking STATS are like my drug of choice right now… so anyway

I was wondering about methods of writing, you know the physical ones. The ways we try to train ourselves to make writing a priority (dare I say it) a JOB. Something you do every day that has a set and reachable goal.

Its about “clocking in” doing work and “clocking out”. We full time writers know this as Butt in Chair, Fingers on Keys… We also know its hard to maintain that discipline even for full time writers.
Other than having a set word number goal you try to reach every day what other methods do we all employ to get that first draft done start to finish? And do they work well or are you still finding yourself drawn to cute cat videos in the middle of writing a dramatic scene? And too do you find like I do the closer you get to the end of your story the slower you go? For me I am like I am so sick of this script I want to be done but then it takes me a week to write the last chapter (freaking stats bugging me, calling my name)

Crazy, but I like it and I’m in good company

So, I AM A WRITER…. and I am officially again being considered clinically depressed (script written and on its way). Really for me the diagnosis isn’t new or unexpected, it happens every 3-4 years because my body isn’t capable of maintaining that needed chemical balance. what is a bigger deal for me is the WHY I again find myself here and the WHAT am I going to do about it.

Which brings me to the AS A WRITER part of this post today: A few issues back the Romance Writers of America put out an issue of their Romance Writers Report with a HUGE article about how common mental illness, especially depression, is among authors and how it is speculated that because as artists we are simply more “sensitive” than most to external conflicts be they emotional, physical, physiological or chemical and that we just need to accept this about ourselves… okay YES that is how I took the article whether or not that was the intent I don’t know we all read and get thing from the reading differently (as Facebook has scientifically PROVEN without room for doubt). But here was my thing. If as artists we are so prone to depression why doesn’t it come out more in our work product? I mean it certainly might hamper our work PROGRESS, we might sit in the chair at the keyboard all day and not type three words because we don’t “FEEL” it. I am sure depression also adds to the angst we feel when a writing colleague puts out a new book or three, gets invited to be part of an anthology or series or wins an award or ranks placing, while we are still trying to get that fourth word on the page. And still we all know, through our reviews, that what we write makes others “happy” gives them joy or as one reviewer said to me about No Sugar Added it validated them as a real woman/human.

So are artists depressed people? Is it our so called sensitivity, which to me is what makes us capable of doing what we do, causing depression and other mental illness making it an inevitability among us? Are we all suffering even if we don’t know or won’t admit it (And please you do NOT have to actually answer that). And if these types of disorders (I rather dislike that word as it makes me think that some how people with them are not just as perfect as those without) are affecting us what do we need to do to make sure they do not overwhelm us to a point we start dropping off like lemmings at the cliff edge.

I know for me I am going to be put back on medications that have helped and likely be forced back into therapy because that is how the VA works (which because I then have to drive 65 miles to attend that will only add to my angst). And I know that I WILL write. Maybe not as fast or as good but I will write and I will write what I know and make my personal experiences part of a deeper story. But what else? And how do I help someone else who is in the boat with me (Carpathia not the Titanic)? What do we artists need to do, say, to help other artists know that it’s alright if they aren’t the sexy, happy, love winning HEA story they write about.

What might be ways we remind ourselves that its something we can LIVE with. That it might not go away but it can be managed and even used. Anyway, that is my I AM A WRITER post today… hope it didn’t bother anyone too much… TMI and all.

Stuff happens

I AM A WRITER: Had one of those soul sucking pain level migraines last night but being as I force myself to think of anything but the pain I finally thought through the conflict internal and external for the contemporary I am trying to write as a follow up to NSA. I have 3 sort of drafted but there is something lacking in each one. This one now should finish writing itself. Hope because I am a Writer

Yes I am a dependent, needy writer

I am a writer, I can spin a good tale. That is my only USEFUL superpower (I have a totally useless superpower but…). I am a writer. I am NOT omniscient outside of a poorly written scene. I can’t know the hearts and minds of anyone but myself and my characters who are an extension of me.
I have no status which makes me capable of casting judgements on people. I have not walked their life path or worked through their struggles. And while I might write FICTIONALLY about many things, it is still only fiction and only perceived with my own life experiences.
I personally dislike it when someone who has a platform uses it to try and tell me, TELL NOT PERSUADE, how to think or act. I see this all the time from the Hollywood elite. And to be honest when I see it I “protest” it by NOT paying to see their movies or TV shows. Nothing about their lives reflect mine in reality. I have never made millions for just hours of work. And while I do not begrudge their earnings (if I could act or sing… yeah) I do not think it makes them somehow better able to say how the world should be. They are actors, not Gods, demi-gods, soothsayers or psychics. Anymore than I am. Anymore than any other actor, entertainer or WRITER is.
So when I hear a WRITER telling READERS that if they do not think and act the way the writer demands then they don’t want that reader to buy their books, I freaking loose my mind.
WRITER, do you NOT understand that when you do this you do not just slam a door shut for your own sales but you start a fire that can burn us all down to ashes. READERS talk. As much as publishers, agents and editors talk, maybe more. They tell their friends and families about good and bad books and they tell other readers about Narcissistic Authors. They also tell what that author writes and their critique of that author is passed onto the GENRE in general. People get turned off by, not only the author, but of the genre because they start to think ALL the authors are like this and willing to use their platform to denigrate them.
What reason then, would they have to spend that $5 on anyone who writes the genre? NONE. So if you are an author who doesn’t NEED and WANT people to buy your books then why are you writing them? Why not stop and let other WRITERS who appreciate the READERS, who could spend their hard earned money elsewhere, have those sales.
And if you are a publisher with authors who say such why are you still publishing these people? They will take you down as well.
And if you are a READER, please know, while I can NOT and will not speak for others who do what I do, I DO appreciate you buying, reading, reviewing and sharing my books. I have been from the very first sale humbled and honored you would give me the time and provide me with the chance to actually live my dream and enjoy my labor.
READERS I exist for you. I AM A WRITER.

Can not live on words alone, must eat

I am a writer. So I am making stew because it’s snowing and stew and snow both start with “S”. Okay that isn’t really true. Fact is though I was trying to think of what to make for dinner and the snow really started coming down and I thought today was a comfort food kind of day and biscuits are comfort so what goes with biscuits? Stew. Stew goes with biscuits and it’s also a comfort food so…. yeah I am a write my brain works in mysterious ways so stew and biscuits on a snow day.