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I Am A Writer

You’re doing it wrong

You're doing it wrong Ok. Because I AM A WRITER... and I want to talk about writing and writing related things that are really writing related things not just crap that stirs the pot but doesn't help writing advance... I spent this last Saturday in a workshop and in that work shop I heard the presenter say that we need to STOP using words that sexualize skin tone.. She said that using words like mocha, chocolate, coffee make your writing unacceptable and degrading. ... read more

Hi-Ho, it’s off to work I go… maybe… or more coffee…

Hi-Ho, it's off to work I go... maybe... or more coffee... Okay I AM A WRITER but I just can't get it kicked started today with the fiction writing. I keep getting sucked in to research projects ... and not any that have anything to do WITH fiction writing... freaking STATS are like my drug of choice right now... so anyway I was wondering about methods of writing, you know the physical ones. The ways we try to train ourselves to make writing ... read more

Crazy, but I like it and I’m in good company

Crazy, but I like it and I'm in good company So, I AM A WRITER.... and I am officially again being considered clinically depressed (script written and on its way). Really for me the diagnosis isn't new or unexpected, it happens every 3-4 years because my body isn't capable of maintaining that needed chemical balance. what is a bigger deal for me is the WHY I again find myself here and the WHAT am I going to do about it. Which brings me ... read more

Stuff happens

Stuff happens I AM A WRITER: Had one of those soul-sucking pain level migraines last night, but being as I force myself to think of anything but the pain I finally thought through the conflict internal and external for the contemporary I am trying to write as a follow up to NSA. I have 3 sort of drafted but there is something lacking in each one. This one now should finish writing itself. Hope because I am a Writer

Yes, I am a dependent, needy writer

Yes, I am a dependent, needy writer I AM A WRITER: I am a writer, I can spin a good tale. That is my only USEFUL superpower (I have a totally useless superpower but...). I am a writer. I am NOT omniscient outside of a poorly written scene. I can't know the hearts and minds of anyone but myself and my characters who are an extension of me. I have no status which makes me capable of casting judgements on people. I have ... read more

Cannot live on words alone, must eat

Cannot live on words alone, must eat I am a writer. So I am making stew because it's snowing and stew and snow both start with "S". Okay, that isn't really true. Fact is though I was trying to think of what to make for dinner and the snow really started coming down and I thought today was a comfort food kind of day and biscuits are comfort so what goes with biscuits? Stew. Stew goes with biscuits and it's also a comfort ... read more