Scold’s Claim: Worship Series Book Six

Scold’s Claim: Worship Series Book Six

Love conquers all… or can it?

Xavier Brice has returned the woman he loves home, but he will have to fight to make sure she can hold on to all she has claimed, including his heart.
Io Brice is ready to claim the only man who has never failed her and accept everything he offers her, but making a claim and actually holding it, might cost her her life.

The trials and tragedies they have worked through have deepened their trust and love, and given them both the courage and strength they need to move forward.

But a danger waits to end them before they can begin. Love gives them strength, but can it protect them from a determined assassin?  Will one or even both fall victim to a blade wielded by another who wants to claim everything?

No longer fighting each other, can Xavier and Io defeat the enemy who would see them lose everything the Scold claims?

Published on August 17, 2017

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