Hi-Ho, it’s off to work I go… maybe… or more coffee…

Okay I AM A WRITER but I just can’t get it kicked started today with the fiction writing. I keep getting sucked in to research projects … and not any that have anything to do WITH fiction writing… freaking STATS are like my drug of choice right now… so anyway

I was wondering about methods of writing, you know the physical ones. The ways we try to train ourselves to make writing a priority (dare I say it) a JOB. Something you do every day that has a set and reachable goal.

Its about “clocking in” doing work and “clocking out”. We full time writers know this as Butt in Chair, Fingers on Keys… We also know its hard to maintain that discipline even for full time writers.
Other than having a set word number goal you try to reach every day what other methods do we all employ to get that first draft done start to finish? And do they work well or are you still finding yourself drawn to cute cat videos in the middle of writing a dramatic scene? And too do you find like I do the closer you get to the end of your story the slower you go? For me I am like I am so sick of this script I want to be done but then it takes me a week to write the last chapter (freaking stats bugging me, calling my name)