Scold’s Conquest: Worship Series Book Five

Scold’s Conquest: Worship Series Book Five

A Warrior’s Arms
Xavier Brice has found the woman who holds his heart. All he desires now is to hold her in his arms, keep her safe, and return home with her to prove he is the man she once believed him to be. But his wife is not only resisting his every attempt to show her how much he loves and wants her, she is refusing to stand close enough so he might even speak to her, let alone hold her. The struggle to regain her trust and her love is becoming a fight he isn’t sure he will win. And while Io Brice sometimes appears to want the very same as her husband, it is clear she is holding back secrets.

Can Xavier’s love for Io remain strong enough to see them through the trials they still must face both as they travel home, and once they arrive? Or will the desires of another to destroy what the couple have prove stronger than any sword arm or armored body might withstand?

A Woman’s Heart
Io Brice never expected her husband to come after her. She thought he wanted her dead and forgotten so he might take another as his wife. Now he says he not only wants her to return and take her place in his house as his lady wife but that she is safe with him. Can she trust what he is saying? Can she find the warmth of hope in what she feels for the man? Or will the cold actions taken against her remain as the only truth she knows? As her heart wars with her mind, she must choose a side and make a stand before she can let Xavier take her back. Can she believe he is not the one behind the attempts on her life? And if she cannot, can she bring herself to stop wanting him and everything he has always said could be hers?

When danger looms, the only hope for safety is trusting in the one who stands beside you. As dangers are revealed, Xavier and Io must find away to come together and stand strong. Will the strength in a warrior’s body and the passion in a woman’s heart be enough to face the deadly trials ahead? Can Xavier be the warrior Io will need to win the battle for not only her life but also her love? Can Io find the strength to fight for what she wants more than life — Xavier’s heart? Will they both fall to the enemy, or will they both find victory in the Scold’s Conquest?

Published on October 31, 2016

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