Scold’s House: Worship Series Book Three

Scold’s House: Worship Series Book Three

A home with love is heaven. And Xavier Brice thinks it is nothing short of that with his wife Io next to him. After years of warfare in the name of his king, all Xavier wants is a peaceful life with his goddess of a wife whose spirit and beauty fires his lust and sometimes his temper.

But he knows with the right balance of a firm hand and a gentle love he will be able to live out his life with the perfect woman beside him.  That is until his estranged mother arrives with the woman she wants to be Xavier’s wife. With them in his home, heaven quickly becomes like hell. And everything he could ever want could end up as ash under his feet.

A home with doubt is hell. And Io Brice can not help the doubt she is filled with when her husband is given the chance to take another as his wife.
The life of uncertainty and struggle was supposed to be in the past. But as Io watches, Xavier seems to find favor with the fine and well-bred lady his mother so approves of.

As much as it hurts, Io is not sure she can stand in the way when Xavier has the chance to have what a man of his status deems he should have… A Lady Wife.

As everything Io has known is slowly stripped away, can she find the strength and courage to believe in Xavier and hope he will stay true?

Can Xavier and Io stand together as others try to pull them apart? Will the mysterious goings-on in their home shred all hope of a happy ending? When the line between Heaven and Hell are blurred, all two people can do is hold on to what they feel for each other and pray it is enough.

Published on June 14, 2016

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