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Xavier Brice is a feared man. The king’s own executioner and most loyal servant.  Cover Royal Scold Worship Series Book 2 002Io Desmond is a nobody who has stayed alive being independent and self reliant. She is loyal only to her own needs.

When the king brings these two people together, wills clash and hearts pound. Xavier must first show Io that trust is possible before his demands for obedience can be met. Io must trust that obedience does not mean subjugation. Together they will give and take in the name of pleasure, pain and love.


United by a royal contract, Io Desmond has found pleasure and pain under Xavier’s firm and steady hand. But trust is not something Io affords to anyone, and without it she cannot receive the full measure of what Xavier will give her.

Cover Royal Scold Worship Series Book 2 001Bound by love and lust, Xavier Brice would give Io the affection and discipline she requires to feel cared for and safe. But he’s never faced anything like the inner demons holding Io away from the offer of home and stability.

If Io’s doubts and fears prove stronger than Xavier’s promise of protection and devotion, the challenge could tear them apart. If Xavier’s promise of commitment and dependability can rise above, then together, through the pleasure and the pain, they will find love.

    A home with love is heaven. And Xavier Brice thinks it is nothing short of that with his wife Io next to him. After years of warfare in the name of his king, all Xavier wants is a peaceful life with his goddess of a wife whose spirit and beauty fires his lust and sometimes his temper.

 scold house  He knows with the right balance of a firm hand and a gentle love he will be able to live out his life with the perfect woman beside him. That is until his estranged mother arrives with the woman she wants to be Xavier’s wife. With them in his home, heaven quickly becomes like hell. And everything he could ever want could end up as ash under his feet.

   A home with doubt is hell. And Io Brice can not help the doubt she is filled with when her husband is given the chance to take another as his wife. The life of uncertainty and struggle was supposed to be in the past. But as Io watches, Xavier seems to find favor with the fine and well-bred lady his mother so approves of. As much as it hurts, Io is not sure she can stand in the way when Xavier has the chance to have what a man of his status deems he should have… A Lady Wife.

   As everything Io has known is slowly stripped away, can she find the strength and courage to believe in Xavier and hope he will stay true?

   Can Xavier and Io stand together as others try to pull them apart? Will the mysterious goings-on in their home shred all hope of a happy ending? When the line between Heaven and Hell are blurred, all two people can do is hold on to what they feel for each other and pray it is enough.


The king has reaffirmed Io Brice’s marriage to Lord Xavier Brice. As much as Io wills their relationship to be one of want and need rather than command and duty, she is not able to fully trust in her husband’s commitment.

As Lady Charlotte, Xavier’s own mother, continues to push for Io to be put out, someone else is pushing for Io’s very end.
Unsure if it is her husband, his mother, or the woman set on replacing her, Io thinks her only chance to stay alive is to run.
But will she leave the dangers in the house only to find worse on the road? And will the memories of everything she left behind even allow her to go on living?

Xavier Brice has tried everything to make his wife know how he feels about her. Still he can not convince her it is neither contract nor duty which binds him to her. And with his mother’s constant and vile meddling, he knows Io is losing trust in his love for her.

To make matters worse, someone has tried to murder Io and he knows she thinks it could be him behind the attempt. When Io runs, Xavier is left with only the hope he will get to her in time to prove he is the one man who will love and protect her.

When two people cannot live without each other, separation can feel like death. But when staying together could end their lives for real, will the risk outweigh the reward, or will love end in tragedy?

A Warrior’s Arms
Xavier Brice has found the woman who holds his heart. All he desires now is to hold her in his arms, keep her safe, and return home with her to prove he is the man she once believed him to be. But his wife is not only resisting his every attempt to show her how much he loves and wants her, she is refusing to stand close enough so he might even speak to her, let alone hold her. The struggle to regain her trust and her love is becoming a fight he isn’t sure he will win. And while Io Brice sometimes appears to want the very same as her husband, it is clear she is holding back secrets.

Can Xavier’s love for Io remain strong enough to see them through the trials they still must face both as they travel home, and once they arrive? Or will the desires of another to destroy what the couple have prove stronger than any sword arm or armored body might withstand?
A Woman’s Heart
Io Brice never expected her husband to come after her. She thought he wanted her dead and forgotten so he might take another as his wife. Now he says he not only wants her to return and take her place in his house as his lady wife but that she is safe with him. Can she trust what he is saying? Can she find the warmth of hope in what she feels for the man? Or will the cold actions taken against her remain as the only truth she knows? As her heart wars with her mind, she must choose a side and make a stand before she can let Xavier take her back. Can she believe he is not the one behind the attempts on her life? And if she cannot, can she bring herself to stop wanting him and everything he has always said could be hers?

When danger looms, the only hope for safety is trusting in the one who stands beside you. As dangers are revealed, Xavier and Io must find away to come together and stand strong. Will the strength in a warrior’s body and the passion in a woman’s heart be enough to face the deadly trials ahead? Can Xavier be the warrior Io will need to win the battle for not only her life but also her love? Can Io find the strength to fight for what she wants more than life – Xavier’s heart? Will they both fall to the enemy, or will they both find victory in the Scold’s Conquest?

Love Conquers All… or can it?
Xavier Brice has returned the woman he loves home, but he will have to fight to make sure she can hold on to all she has claimed, including his heart.

Io Brice is ready to claim the only man who has never failed her and accept everything he offers her, but making a claim and actually holding it, might cost her her life.

The trials and tragedies they have worked through have deepened their trust and love and given them both the courage and strength they need to move forward.

But a danger waits to end them before they can begin. Love gives them strength, but can it protect them from a determined assassin? Will one or even both fall victim to a blade wielded by another who wants to claim everything?

No longer fighting each other, can Xavier and Io defeat the enemy who would see them lose everything the Scold Claims?

Publisher’s Note: This book includes elements of power exchange, old-fashioned discipline, and explicit scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.





A new beginning isn’t supposed to start with needing to be rescued.

At least JayCee Kray’s new neighbor is a trained public servant. Even better, he’s all male sexy. The only problem is, JayCee knows she’s not the NSA5kind of girl a sexy cop like Andrew MacFarlin would go for.
Hiding behind her profession as a humor columnist, JayCee’s personal life is a mess. She’s allowed the wrong people to have the wrong kind of control over her for too long. Though highly praised in her job, she lacks the confidence and the courage to give Andrew access to the woman she is inside.
Andrew MacFarlin couldn’t have been happier to find his new neighbor on his doorstep needing assistance. The little cutie sparks something in him the moment they meet. Her stand-offish manner isn’t going to deter him. He doesn’t see a woman in need of rescue—he sees a very intelligent, witty, caring woman who’s hiding behind a wall she’s built around her.
Andrew is more than willing to help JayCee settle into a new way of life, and just as willing to give her pert little bottom a sound spanking when she purposely does self-destructive things.
Though JayCee continues to throw up obstacles, finding herself unable to trust that Andrew won’t just walk away, he is not only a man of honor, he is a man on a mission. Thanks to his unfaltering manner and firm hand, they will be able to find what they both need: love.