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Greetings.Amazon #1 Bestseller

Whether you have stumbled on this page by accident or come with a intent and purpose, welcome.

I am a Erotic Author currently publishing with Blushing Books Publications. I work with some really amazing people and know some really, really, REALLY talented authors and I want you to get to know them too.

The number one goal here is to encourage writers to do what they LOVE to do, WRITE. Only through a continual process can a writer improve their craft and reach the goals they’re setting, be that simply finishing a manuscript (story) or getting published.

This process requires much more than just a imagination. Writing is a craft, an art that must be refined and sharpened until a manner of perfection is reached. Now don’t panic, because “perfection” for a writer isn’t about having every word carefully selected or every bit of punctuation in place. PERFECTION for a writer is the development of their VOICE. That is the way a story is told.  There are no NEW stories to be told, but there are as many new ways of telling a story as there are writers. Its mostly for the development of voice this site exists. And everyone needs an editor, even editors who write need editors, I know your head spins a bit with that.

Authors who have gone through the process, who have developed and established their VOICE, will tell you there’s much to know and do to reach goals. From the “butt in chair, fingers on keyboard” advice of just write to the “here’s your contract, now what” moments. The journey is wild and bumpy and sometimes even makes a writer want to give up. This site is to encourage you to never give up. If you have a story inside you we all, all other published authors, want you to get it out. We want that because we know what its like to have it in you trying to come out. I think it is like the scene from the movie “Aliens” at the breakfast table, yeah its kind of like that. Other writers are NOT your competition they are your support group.

The second goal here is to educate a little. Not just on how to be a better writer, because in all honesty what works for some doesn’t work at all for others. And giving as much information as possible is the best way to find what works best for you.

And finally, the third goal is to promote works by fellow authors. Writers and authors can not survive without the friendships, camaraderie and full support of other authors. Whether it is to just say “oh sorry about the rejection letter” or to tell you “stop messing on the net and get back to that word doc” or to say “hey look what this author just released” and posting that release with where to buy information. Support an Author is a real campaign and we are all out there doing it.

So now that you know why this is here, take some time and browse around. The site will be under constant construction with additional tips and fact being posted regularly (I hope, given I still have to write books to pay the bills) and hopefully soon there will be a place you can go to meet other authors and find their new (and maybe old) books (but you don’t have to wait on me you can use that link to Blushing Books Publications that I put at the top… or heck I put right here.)

So until I see you in print…. WRITE ON!